Problem with KDE?

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Problem with KDE?

Post by asharff » 2005/05/05 12:30:03

I have a problem (2 actually) with KDE. my centos 4 box is connected yo a Belkin omniview kvm switch, as well as a windows pc. THe keyboard and mouse are both PS/2 and the pc isconnected via usb to the kvm.

Problem 1:

If I switch to my centos box and open a window (any window), the scroll wheel on my mouse does not work properly. I cannot scroll and I cannot 'cut and paste' using the scroll wheel.
If I click in a window and then select the windows pc and then reselect the centos box, then the scroll wheel works properly again.

Whenever I switch to centos from the windows pc I have to click in a window and then go back to the windows pc and back to centos.

Is there some way to stop this?

Problem 2:

If I lock the session from kde then as soon as I try to enter my password to unlock the session, the computer freezes and I have to switch it off and back on again.

Is this a KDE bug? Or is this again related to using a kvm switch?

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