Using KAddressBook with OpenLDAP

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Using KAddressBook with OpenLDAP

Post by cwlee » 2005/05/04 17:34:17

Hi all,

From what I know/read, KAddressBook allows us to store our contacts into a LDAP server. But the documentation didn't really explain how. As in, how to configure which LDAP server to write the contacts into. Or does KAddressBook uses its own LDAP implementation? Or merely saves the contacts as LDIF? How can I configure KAddressBook to save/write my contacts into OpenLDAP?

One way I can think of is to export my contacts into LDIF then manually adding it to OpenLDAP. But since KAddressBook is suppose to be able to write to an LDAP server, can it write to our preferred server instead?

Many thanks!

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