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Evolution connector memory leak

Posted: 2005/05/04 13:57:22
by kakazu
Evolution & connector seem to have a huge memory leak. I can use it for a little bit, but then it starts taking up lots of memory and my swap usage goes up.

It's worst when I try to look at my Exchange calender. The whole program freezes and I have to kill the evolution processes to get things running again.

I've seen one note that said version 2.0.2 had memory problems. Is there an RPM out there for 2.0.3 or better?


Re: Evolution connector memory leak

Posted: 2005/05/11 17:39:29
by kakazu
I grabbed the latest evolution rpm's from the Fedora core site, and that solved the problem. I'm able to run evolution through the day, and memory usage stays at reasonable levels.

Here are the rpm's I used: