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install hangs

Posted: 2005/03/15 16:39:47
by nethernet
booting from cd, i have suse 9.2 installed and was told i could overwrite partitions, that it wasnt a problem, i am running a compaq (i know) with half gig of ram a 1.3 procesor, it gets to a point where anaconda sends a welcome then hangs at something like bin/loader i disconnected all usb devices, and i also tried diabling the pci detection during setup and also the on boot i tried a linux hdb=cdrom because on a mandrake install it doesnt find the cd drive though it lists it

the only distro i have been able to run on this machine is suse, i would like to try a few others and centos came highly recommended, i looked at slackware and the install stuff for that is a little beyond me at this time

any help would be appreciated