Email and Centos 4

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Email and Centos 4

Post by jeremybme » 2013/03/06 16:47:09

Hi i recently had to step in for a friend as his IT guy, previous one went bonkers now refuses to release passwords or setup info.

anyways, it appears that thier emails goto a gmail account but from there they dissapear pretty quickly, and they think (they were told by old IT guy)
that the centos server downloads them from gmail, puts them in its own email server program and then they use thunderbird to connect and get the mail.

I verified Thunderbird is setup to talk to centos server.
what i cannot find is this supposed setup that allows centos to pop or imap the mail out of gmail first.

can anyone tell me where to look?


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Email and Centos 4

Post by gerald_clark » 2013/03/06 17:57:05

CentOS 4 is End Of Life, and no longer supported.
Check to see if fetchmail is being used.

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