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SCSI Disk detection

Posted: 2011/10/04 10:19:44
by adrianmarsh

i've an old Centos4 machine I'm just trying to restore into a VMware VM. We make mondoarchive backups of the machine, so I'm trying the restore using that first (before going down the VMware Importer route).

Mondo's done a good job of formatting /dev/sda and setting up LVM and grub, but after mondos restore, when I boot the OS, it kernel panics as it says it can't find the volumes. I think this is because the original machine had a SATA HD, and VMware only provides virtualised SCSI disks.

If I boot from a Centos 5 rescue DVD, then I can mount the logical volume, and get access to all the files, and run a chroot. When I check LVM from the rescue environment, its detected all of the volumes ok, and setup everything as expected.
(I know its a Centos 5 DVD, not 4, I'll try a 4 DVD too).

SO - my question, is that I thought Centos would do a h/w detection and pickup on that SATA->SCSI change, but it didn't...
Can I force it to detect/install the scsi drivers ? And will I be able to do that from a 4 or 5 recovery environment ?


Re: SCSI Disk detection

Posted: 2011/10/04 19:58:47
by TrevorH
Something like [url=]this[/url] is probably what you're after

Re: SCSI Disk detection

Posted: 2011/12/12 06:37:21
by Leonel9

I just bought 2 new disks and set them up in raid. all went well and installed win7. I added a third after, not part of the raid array, just some extra storage. but is showing a scsi in device manager but nowhere else??
all drives are sata...

Re: SCSI Disk detection

Posted: 2011/12/12 09:20:53
by TrevorH
You appear not to have quite grasped that CentOS is not Windows nor is it based on Windows so any posts about Windows here are quite off topic and unlikely to elicit any helpful responses.