Slowish RAID 1 volume

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Slowish RAID 1 volume

Post by sbergman » 2011/09/30 03:57:43


I have a customer with a Dell SC1420 server. It's set up with 2 identical 7200 rpm SATA drives connected to the on board sata controller. They are set up RAID 1 with LVM on top. Very simple. Just 1 volume group with 1 logical volume on it.

And it's always seemed slower than it should be. Not agonizingly slow. But maybe half as fast as I would expect. When I do simple tests on it, like running Bonnie++, it always comes out looking reasonable, compared to other similar hardware I've worked with. But particularly when doing things like rebuilding cobol C/ISAM files, which requires a lot of seeking, it's always seemed too slow.

Are there any known performance issues with CentOS4's LVM, RAID1, or LVM on RAID1 configurations?

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Slowish RAID 1 volume

Post by pschaff » 2011/10/01 13:48:50

Welcome to the CentOS fora. Please see the recommended reading for new users linked in my signature.

I don't know of any specific issues on CentOS-4 but I'd check the BIOS settings which can often have significant performance impact. EL6 does claim performance improvements in many areas, and CentOS-4 reaches [url=]EOL[/url] Feb 29, 2012 so you may want to consult with your customer about a migration plan.

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