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Successful remote upgrade from CentOS 4.9 to CentOS 5.7

Posted: 2011/09/18 04:13:57
by hapx

As you should already know, the End of Maintenance Phase for CentOS 4 is Feb 29, 2012.
Since I only have SSH access to my server, and since apparently there is no recommended nor official
way to remote upgrade from CentOS 4.x to 5.x (reminder: CentOS-5 updates until Mar 31, 2014,
and CentOS-6 updates until Nov 31, 2017), I searched for a way to upgrade and found this one:

By adapting the article to your configuration (installed packages, 32-bit or 64-bit),
this upgrade procedure works well for me. For the dependency errors found,
you can use --exclude option of "yum upgrade" command. For removing not needed
packages, I suggest using "yum remove " instead of "rpm -e "
due to automatic dependencies computations. If possible, you might want to try
the procedure with a virtual machine first.

Note: there is no similar procedure to upgrade from CentOS 5.x to CentOS 6.x yet,
nor directly from 4.x to 6.x :-).