Need help: Get CentOS 4 Kernel Source

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Need help: Get CentOS 4 Kernel Source

Post by louis731 » 2011/08/27 01:08:07

Hello all,

I have a laptop running CentOS 5.6, for some reason I need CentOS 4 (Linux kernel 2.6.9) as well.

However after I followed every step in, which states
at the end, "The kernel source tree will now be found in the directory ~/rpmbuild/BUILD/."

In my case, there is nothing in ~rpmbuild/BUILD.

Could someone advise please?

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Need help: Get CentOS 4 Kernel Source

Post by AlanBartlett » 2011/08/28 00:08:30

Please make the two log files, [i]prep-out.log[/i] and [i]prep-err.log[/i], available for viewing by uploading them to a public paste-bin and setting the file retention time to grater than one day.

It would also be helpful if you will post, in-line, here the output from executing --

[b]tail prep-out.log
tail prep-err.log[/b]

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