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optimal configuration

Posted: 2011/07/06 00:35:20
by carpatino
Hi there, im an IT students, i am making a project where the teacher tell us to instal lthe centos in optimal conditions to work with a database and with a software where the database is going to be working as this software is making some requirements or tasks. the thing is i want to know what could be the best configuration my centos can have to pass this test of the database and the testing software, by having the best processing time, i could do the things i want to place my centos in the best conditions, i could change the kernel, i could change the configurations of the partitions, i could use lights to stop or let the procces run. i could do whatever i want with the centos just to make it run the best way it can. i need help or advices about what is the best thing to do. I am using centos 4.6 in a virtual machine, we will run the OS and tests in a virtual machine in a Core i5 with 4gb of ram just for your information all the tests of all groups are going to be in the same machine with the same software and the same orders.


optimal configuration

Posted: 2011/07/06 14:10:43
by gerald_clark
Please do your own homework and assignments.

Re: optimal configuration

Posted: 2011/07/07 22:14:48
by pschaff
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carpatino wrote:
...I am using centos 4.6 in a virtual machine....[/quote]

Much of your post is unintelligible to me; however, using CentOS 4.6 is a bad idea. Don't use obsolete/unsupported releases - 4.9 is the current 4.X release, 5.6 is the latest 5.X release, and 6.0 will be available very soon, with 6.1 to follow. Obsolete releases have numerous bugs and security issues (and associated known exploits) that have subsequently been fixed. Performance may also be improved in later releases.