howto kickstart from USB?

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howto kickstart from USB?

Post by OraISV » 2007/09/19 03:44:38

I have used a kickstart file successfully from a floppy with this command:
boot: linux ks=floppy:/ksxxxx.cfg

On a new server, I have no floppy, so I am trying to kickstart from a USB
memory stick, and I don't know the file path to use.

I have tried:
boot: linux ks=/media/USB_DISK/kickstart_5.cfg

boot: linux ks=hd:/media/USB_DISK/kickstart_5.cfg

I don't know what else to try.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: howto kickstart from USB?

Post by paulb » 2007/09/24 12:09:27

The simple reply is that the kernel command needs the parameter:


assuming the USB stick partition from which you are installing is assigned to /dev/sda1, and that the BIOS is booting from USB-HDD.

The long answer involves all the other stuff I had to do to install from a USB stick. If you want that detail let me know.

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