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Post by plazman30 » 2007/03/22 15:58:10

Does CentOS ever release it's own updates, or does it always wait for the upstream vendor's source before anything is fixed? Has CentOS ever provided fixes that the upstream vendor has used?


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Re: Updates

Post by pjwelsh » 2007/03/23 02:53:05

That would be "centosplus" repo or the rpmforge.net repo (http://rpmforge.net/user/faq/ in the "Installation and configuration" section)

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Post by arrfab » 2007/03/23 11:18:20

The CentOS project aims to be 100% compatible with upstream ... so it only uses fixes/errata packages released upstream in srpm and then rebuild these packages and integrates these newer packages in the tree ...
It happened that CentOS developers found a problem in a package released upstream (that was the case with wireshark ...) and found also the solution but instead of releasing a modified wireshark rpm, they provided the fix upstream so that a newer wireshark package could be built correctly with the fix integrated ... and then it was integrated in CentOS.
That's the way it works and it always would have to work like this ... isn't it ?

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