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localhost login: problem

Posted: 2006/11/07 23:58:27
by sumotide
Hi everyone,

I installed Tribox 1.2.3., which contains CentOS 4.4. I type "root" at "localhost login:" which prompts me to enter a password.
Here is the problem, my keystrokes are not recognized when I type in my password ( as set during install), resulting in login failure. I've looked for a solution via the forums, but could not find and answer.



Re: localhost login: problem

Posted: 2006/11/08 06:45:36
by sumotide
Sorry. dumb, dumb, dumb. I'm a new guy. I hope I gave a few of you a good laugh looking at this post.

Re: localhost login: problem

Posted: 2010/07/19 13:27:05
by dingledow
Sorry, but I am also being really stupid as well! Why doesn't the password show up? If it's not meant to show up for security reasons, then my password is not working. Please help!