Drive LED Constantly Flashing

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Drive LED Constantly Flashing

Post by ehurst » 2006/09/10 13:02:35

Prior to the 4.4 update, my x86-64 system ran quite well with only intermittent flashing of the drive LED. Now, for some reason it's nearly constant. I have already lengthened the "commit" time to 10 minutes in fstab, but it didn't affect the frequency. Where should I look for the cause in the system constantly accessing the disk?

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Re: Drive LED Constantly Flashing

Post by BillMaltby » 2006/09/16 21:48:50

"Constantly"? Mine flashes about every 2 seconds (about 30 times a minute). I presume that is from a combination of buffer/cache flushes, S.M.A.R.T. HD technology and who-knows-what-magic-in-the-kernel.

Unless you don't see any great risk in loss of 10 minutes worth of possible metadata dn files updates, I'd set your update times back to default. Chances are excellent that the LED is not even indicating a HD access, but just a "Are You There" to the controller.

I'm no expert on this, but that's my take.


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