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Local YUM repository

Posted: 2006/08/22 22:41:58
by dre2004
I'm trying to set up a local yum repository for Centos 4.x systems. I want to be able to download updates once from the Centos repositories to a central server and then have all my other servers get their updates from this one (to save on bandwidth).

Is this possible and if so are their any howto's on the process?


Local YUM repository

Posted: 2006/08/22 23:22:14
by ultramookie
You could setup a server on your network to do a local mirror.

Re: Local YUM repository

Posted: 2006/08/30 16:26:49
by BillMaltby
Or take a look at this.

Dag has a product he's developed that apparently handles a lot of stuff for you. I've not had reason to use it yet, but he does good things.