Remote Desktop Preferences (PUTTY/VNC/SSH)

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Remote Desktop Preferences (PUTTY/VNC/SSH)

Post by kremlin » 2006/04/08 00:17:58

Does anyone know how to logout a vnc session from the server?
I don't mean if one is on a workstation or laptop remotely connected to a centos 4.3.x server but rather how does
a user sitting at the actual centos server "kick-out" remote users that are already connected if they don't logout themselves.

I know the the WHO command will tell the user at the server who is logged on remotely, but how to log them off?

Assume the "Remote Desktop Preferences" is set to :
Allow other users to view your desktop
Allow other users to control your desktop
Require the user to enter his password is checked
Ask for confirmation is unchecked (does not matter) unless the "server operator" wants to approve the incoming vnc connection.


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Re: Remote Desktop Preferences (PUTTY/VNC/SSH)

Post by uk-admin » 2006/04/10 15:48:05

I've never found a way...

I think the brutal approach of restarting the VNC server will cause a client reset, but that obviously has harsh consequences for other connections!

Another thought, does the server spawn a new process for each connection? - if so, killing just that process may trigger the reset

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