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Remote Access

Post by andrew319 » 2006/04/06 12:20:38

I'm a TOTAL newbie @ this. I am trying to learn linux and I have signed up for a dedicated hosting service with CentOS installed on it. I have to somehow remotely access this. My host recommends putty... and its all command line based. The only thing I know in linux with commandline is like ls..

SO is there any graphic remote access software out there that you recommend for centOS (or any other linux OS)

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Remote Access

Post by rje_nc » 2006/04/06 13:26:58

I have had excellent results using FreeNX on my CentOS servers.

There is an excellent installation instuctions for Fedora that work just as well for CentOS at I am pretty sure I used the FC3 versions of the RPMs when setting up the system.

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Re: Remote Access

Post by rehcla » 2006/04/06 15:26:15

Yes you can use a GUI, but the true advice is:


Its not so hard to learn Shell and it makes your life much more easy and the administration more safe!
Sometimes you just get till Runlevel 3, and there is no GUI!But from there you can fix most of all problems
what can appear!

A good way to start is "Learnkey Linux+"

Thats 6 hours video training at a Red hat System!



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Re: Remote Access

Post by kremlin » 2006/04/08 00:51:48 for putty for vnc

You have to configure your "Remote desktop Preferences" to "allow other users to view your desktop" and
if you want to "allow other users to control your desktop" (on the centos 4.3.x server)

I suggest you also use the "ask you for confirmation" and "require the user to enter this password"
(You can setup this up on your centos 4.3.x server under applications, preferences, remote desktop in the Gnome environment)

Also make sure you configure applications, system settings, security level such that it meets your requirements.
You will have to know the root password for this but don't actually have to be logged on as root. A popup will just prompt you for root's passward. I Enabled my firewall options under this menu to allow SSH only (but you can do more as needed)
and selected "trusted devices "eth0" and "sit0". Under the Security Level "Enable firewall"

Next, using your laptop or admin workstation start vncviewer and enter the ipaddress of your centos 4.3 server that you
want to reach to out and contol. It works great. There are many variations of implementing vnc (with various ports) but remember this: You use the vncviewer from the controlling machine (laptop) and vncserver on the "server" or machine that will be remotely controlled. (You will notice that "libvncserver" runs on your 'laptop/workstation'. You can save the session for "one click" remote control to your linux box later on.)

Btw, I have not yet figured out how to "kick-off" users who don't logout of the vnc sessions...If you know/find out please share.



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