cd player problem

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cd player problem

Post by flebber » 2005/04/18 06:23:20


Have just installed Centos 4 on PC and all is going well nearly, my machine uses the AC '97 sound. I cannot get the cd player to play the cd's with volume, I have sound working as test sound worked on install and I extracted a song to ogg format and it played fine. I have unmuted everything and made sure all volumes are on full.

Where would the problem be coming from?

cheers to all here :-)

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cd player problem

Post by nevat » 2005/04/18 11:03:34

- OGG files plays well
- Test sound play well
- CD player runs well but you haven't sound.

If all of the above is correct. Seems that the problem is the audio connector that goes from CD player to sound car. Some of this audio wires have poor quality and breaks. Open your computer and check the connectors.

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Re: cd player problem

Post by arrasmith » 2005/04/19 19:57:48

You don't need a cable from the CD-ROM to your sound card. For KsCD (KDE's cd player) under Extras -> Play Options you can select "use direct digital playback".

- mark

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