Move from FC2 - SELinux, ReiserFS and XFS questions

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Move from FC2 - SELinux, ReiserFS and XFS questions

Post by Loggy » 2005/04/12 20:18:14

Given the short half-life of FCx these days, we are thinking of going CentOS4 on a 2650 Dell Poweredge. Before I ask some questions, may I record my thanks to the community for enabling SMEs to provide an enterprise-standard service.

My questions are:

1 Like FC2 and given it's parents it is not surprising the CentOS4 includes SELinux. Now while I am sure that works just fine, for many reasons we are using the much more flexible and IMHO serviceable and elegant grsecurity2 patches on a vanilla kernel. Is there any sensible way that we could compile from source in the installation and remove SEL completely rather than just disabling it? I know SEL works but it is annoying and inelegant to have it installed but not used. It once caused me some bother as for some reason it got switched on!

2 As we don't want to run SEL - like others on this forum I see - there is no reason not to use reiserFS. In fact the problems with xattr just highlight one of the weakness of SEL which is that it requires bespoke versions of many commands. Now clearly with a vanilla kernal and reiserfs-utils etc, we could run reiserFS but the installation would be tricky essentially requiring burning a bespoke installation CD plus we would be stuffed if we tried to boot a standard kernel. Is there any plan to offer non-members of the SEL fan club reiserFS at some stage?

3 Again CentOS4 does not include XFS even as an option and xattr is not AFAIK broken for that. Is there any plan to include XFS, JFS or orther advanced journalling filesystems?

4 Does anyone have happy or otherwise experience of CentOS4 on a Dell PE 2650?


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