System Freezes at random intervals?

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System Freezes at random intervals?

Post by bakes » 2005/03/23 15:53:52

My system seems to be freezing for no apparent reason at random inervals from like 15min->1hr give or take.

Its a p4 2.4ghz
1.5gb ram
160gb hd
200gb hd
52x cdrom
g4 ti 4600 gfx card

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: System Freezes at random intervals?

Post by greg_gti » 2005/03/23 17:06:00

Does it require a reboot after freeze?

Just giving us your hardware specs is not going to get anywhere.

Download UBCD or a bootable memtest86 iso and run a test on your memory, best place to start if your system freezes and give no errors.

Otherwise share the error it outputs to the console or to /var/log/messages and dmesg


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