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Xwindow > terminal

Posted: 2005/03/19 00:06:48
by mtijhuis
Hello everyone,

I have just installed CentOS 4.0.
I restarted and the server will show the KDE desktop.
The KDE is only for administration of the server.
But i wan't that the server start the terminal automaticaly
without the graphics.

I have hear about that you must change it in the boot, but what?

Very thnx.

Greats from the netherlands.

Re: Xwindow > terminal

Posted: 2005/03/22 16:40:34
by eddycurrents
Groeten from USA. You mean you want to boot to command line instead of always to X?

Go to /etc/inittab and change the line:




Re: Xwindow > terminal

Posted: 2005/03/22 16:46:24
by eddycurrents
BTW you can also do this from KDE if you prefer. One of the configuration applets somewhere will do it. But since you want the command line you must be more comfortable there anyway.

Xwindow > terminal

Posted: 2005/03/23 11:40:26
by devil
u dont need to restart the system for changes to take place, ALT + F1 puts u in command prompt, login as root, and run "telinit 3" and u r in CLI mode :-)