lvm problems

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lvm problems

Post by mrichardson » 2005/03/17 03:53:31

I cannot seem to get lvextend to work...

# lvresize -L+32G VolGroup00 /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00
Path required for Logical Volume "VolGroup00"
Please provide a volume group name
lvresize: Resize a logical volume

Can someone give me the proper syntax as the man pages and web pages all suck. That, or I'm dumb. Whichever is the case, please help!

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Re: lvm problems

Post by stefanke » 2005/03/17 09:05:09

to increase the current logical volume size use:

lvextend -L +xG /dev/vg_name/lv_name

note: lvextend cannot be performed if the volume group is activated in shared modes, for furhter informations see lvextend manpag.


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lvm problems

Post by devil » 2005/03/18 14:45:20

lvextend -L +54 /dev/vg01/lvol10 /dev/sdk3 .........

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