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computer hangs during reboot after installation

Posted: 2005/03/15 08:58:09
by ottolatif
My computer has the Abit VA6 Motherboard, Pentium 3 667MHz.

It used to run on Fedora Core 2 perfectly. When I tried to install FC3 or CentOS 4.0 (all fresh installs), the installations themselves run fine, but during the first reboot after installation, the system hangs after sazing "initializing network audio_:

Booting 'Fedora Core (2.6.9-1.667)
Starting udev: [OK]
Initializing hardware... storage network audio_

Then I have added kernel variables acpi=off apm=off and turned off the onboard sound from the BIOS but the problem is still not solved.

What else can I do?


Re: computer hangs during reboot after installation

Posted: 2005/03/18 00:16:38
by rocco
I am getting the exact same thing on my Toshiba Tecra 8200! Has any one found an answer for this yet?!


Ooppps, :-?

Um :-o I tried this after I posted and mine is booting... "acpi=off apm=off".


Actually it works with just "acpi=off"