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LVM Snapshots ?

Posted: 2005/03/14 04:26:45
by bards1888
Anyone else go this working ?

I have tried this with both 4.0RC1 and 4.0 final.

Here is the error message.

[root@services ~]# lvcreate --size 100m --snapshot --name var /dev/rootvg/varlv
snapshot: Required device-mapper target(s) not detected in your kernel

Should I file a bug ? I couldn't find one in bugzilla.

PS - this works fine on FC3.

Re: LVM Snapshots ?

Posted: 2005/03/16 16:58:10
by robinbalen
I just had this error, and found a reference to it in the Debian bugzilla...

modprobe dm-snapshot

seems to then work fine :)