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No access to System Settings

Post by alden » 2005/03/13 04:27:47

I just installed v. 4.0 this afternoon, and I am trying to access my machine via VNC. I set CentOS to run at level 3, and I am able to use VNC to connect to a gnome session (gdm). I login as a user with few privileges, and su when I need to configure the machine.

However, I cannot access System Settings. I get a query box, asking for an admin password, and the little keys come up at the bottom right of the screen, indicating that I am authorized to configure system-wide settings, but then the setting will not open.

For example, if I try to start "Users and Groups", if I haven't entered the admin pw yet, I get a query. After correctly responding, the screen does not appear. Has anyone run across this? I suspect I'm not starting a service or something, but I really haven't a clue!


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