Apt and multilib arches (in CentOS-4)

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Apt and multilib arches (in CentOS-4)

Post by hughesjr » 2005/03/12 14:00:05

Apt is currently only supported in CentOS-4 and only on the i386 arch.

apt, apt-devel and synaptic are "extras" packages for CentOS-4.0 i386.
That means they are included and will be supported (by me) as long as
they are maintained upstream. They are not included on the install
ISOs. They are currently not built for any other arch except i386.
They may be built for ppc when it is released.

You should use the apt products provided by the Extras, as they are
compatible with CentOS-4 ... dag's apt for EL4 should also work, though
I haven't tested it.

Why is apt support only provided for i386? I want to use it with XXXX
arch .... read on :)

Apt _CAN_NOT_ do multilib arches properly!

What is a multilib arch? Some arches (like x86_64 and ia64, and maybe
ppc and s390x when released) have the ability to run both 32bit (or
31bit for s390) and 64bit programs. This requires that the libraries
for both the 32bit arch and the 64bit arch be present at the same time.
They have the same name, only the arch is different (in the case of
x86_64, there are i386, i686 packages for 32bit and x86_64 packages for
64bit). Apt does not properly calculate dependencies for multilib
arches (it will use either the 32bit or the 64bit package to meet both
dependencies)... it is therefore only currently provided for and
supported on i386.
You can get apt for CentOS-4 i386 here:

or you can make sure that extras are enabled in your
"/etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo" and then get apt (for i386) with the

yum install apt synaptic

(if you want apt-devel, add it after synaptic ... if you don't want
synaptic, use only "yum install apt")

Once apt is installed, you need to edit your "/etc/apt/sources.list"
file and pick a mirror near you. Here is a working config from my test
machine (in case of wrapping, each entry is one line) :
[code]rpm http://caos.oregonstate.edu centos/4/apt/i386 os updates extras addons[/code]

Here are a couple other Tier 1 CentOS mirrors that work:

[code]rpm http://mirrors.versaweb.net cAos/centos/4/apt/i386 os updates extras addons

rpm http://www.gtlib.cc.gatech.edu pub/cAos/centos/4/apt/i386 os updates extras addons[/code]

[code]rpm http://www.sunsite.org.uk sites/mirror.caosity.org/cAos/centos/4/apt/i386 os updates extras addons

rpm http://caos.crazyfrogs.org centos/4/apt/i386 os updates extras addons[/code]

[code]rpm http://mirror.be10.com centos/4/apt/i386 os updates extras addons

rpm http://ftp.riken.jp Linux/caos/centos/4/apt/i386 os updates extras addons

rpm http://download.centos.ru centos/4/apt/i386 os updates extras addons[/code]

[code]rpm http://mirror.pacific.net.au linux/cAos/centos/4/apt/i386 os updates extras addons[/code]

the above mirrors were picked at random ... to pick a mirror near you, see the full mirror list here:

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