upgrading from redhat9 to centos 4

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upgrading from redhat9 to centos 4

Post by PyRoAcIdK » 2005/03/12 10:53:17

Hi guyz,

i was wondering how i could use yum to upgrade os, (using #yum upgrade) without issues.

i found a tut on it (centos3.3), but i had problems when trying to upgrade, so i was woundering if there was a centos4 tut out there.

the main problem i got was a failed dependancy:
.package redhat-config-securitylevel needs lokkit (not provided)

lokkit is installed, i even tryed reinstalling it!

ok thanx in advance guyz!

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upgrading from redhat9 to centos 4

Post by hughesjr » 2005/03/12 14:31:58

The best way to upgrade is to use the command:

[b]linux upgradeany[/b]

from the command line when booting from CD-1 (or the DVD)

Anaconda then upgrades your system.

After that upgrade is done, you still need to clean up the distro.

Basically, you will want to run the command:

[b]rpm -qa --qf "%{name} - %{vendor}\n" | grep -i "red hat"[/b]

and any packages that are still [b]Red Hat, Inc.[/b] for vendor need to be replaced.
Your specific problem is that the package named [b]redhat-config-securitylevel[/b] is not in the upgraded distro.

RH recomends that you backup data and do a fresh install ... they don't support systems that try to upgrade from RH9 to RHEL ... I think their recomendatoin is a good one:

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Re: upgrading from redhat9 to centos 4

Post by PyRoAcIdK » 2005/03/14 12:52:16

ot method.... 16,000 Kilometers....umm server in Florida, USA, me in Melbourne, Australia....

ummm.... sorry but the method has to be done remotely!

thanx tho!

my bad thanx anyways, ill probally do a os-reinstall then!

thanx guyz

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Re: upgrading from redhat9 to centos 4

Post by jmalcolm » 2005/03/22 06:57:49

You can do a CentOS 4.0 upgrade from Red Hat 9. I did one a few weeks ago. I used apt-get so the whole thing was done over the network (I was remote to the machine being upgraded) and the machine was online the whole time as well.

It is a bit of a slog though as you likely will not be able to upgrade everything at once. I had to go at it about a dozen packages at a time and remove a few old ones manually to get it all to go. It all works great now though and I am very happy with it. All the old Red Hat packages have been hunted down and either upgraded or eliminated.

I am sure I could have done it easier with "linux upgradeany" but I could not afford to have the system offline that long. It sounds like you are not local to the machine.

Good luck if you try it.

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