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Cannot connect to internet

Posted: 2005/03/11 04:59:13
by manishraichur
Hi Guys.

I am new to Linux
just installed CentOS without any problems.
i am not able to connect to internet. Can anyone help me set it up?

i have a D-Link router and a cable modem connected to the computer

and one more thing i see small lines flickering on my monitor .i have set the resolution to 1024x768
i have 17" LCD monitor.

thanks everyone


Cannot connect to internet

Posted: 2005/03/11 13:11:28
by arrfab
I suppose you've the following config :

Cable-Modem ------ Dlink Router ------ PC

So your Dlink router has built-in dhcp server can can give you all the network informations you need (IP Address, Default gw, DNS ).
Can you just ping the dlink router ? Which address did you received ?
Don't forget that you don't have to configure an 'Internet Connection' on your CentOS box, because it's pure networking : your Dlink router will just NAT your outgoing packets ....