Newb Question - Partitioning

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Newb Question - Partitioning

Post by XPconvert » 2005/03/07 12:03:12

I have been running a dual boot system with Windows XP, and then Linux as Debian from Kanotix (HDD install of a Knoppix variant).
In order to take advantage of the RH like hardware support, it is my intention to install CentOS 4.
The system is an AMD K6-2 400Mhz with 192MB RAM, and 80GB HDD split as follows into the following partition system.
(Note that Windows XP needs to be retained for wife and children)

hda1 NTFS 39998MB 1-5099
hda2 extended = hda5
hda3 EXT3 15014MB Debian (Kanotix) Linux 8047-9960
hda4 swap 384MB 9961-10009
hda5 VFAT 23117MB media drive 5100-8046
free 16MB 10010-10011

With the CEntOS install I'm aware I need to have a Boot partition and a Root partition - what is the best way to acheive this??
Is it to split the EXT3 partition into a boot and root in which case I assume 100MB root, and rest root, or does the boot partition need at the bottom of the HDD cylinders, or can LILO/GRUB find it anywhere??

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Newb Question - Partitioning

Post by karaffb » 2005/03/09 15:53:57

i do a similar setup on my laptops
heres how i partition my drives typicly (using 40gb for example)

/dev/hda1 75mb /boot
/dev/hda2 6.3gb NTFS (winxp)
/dev/hda3 20gb FAT32 (storage)
/dev/hda4 (extended)
/dev/hda5 10gb /
/dev/hda6 512mb SWAP

with the / filesystem on the extended partition you can chop it up as finely as you like
the installer will argue about having <100mb for /BOOT, but im only using 12mb now, so its not necessary

the easiest way ive found is partition the drive w/ partitionmagic or qtparted from a knoppix cd, install windows, then linux.

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