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Migration form FC3 to CentOS4

Posted: 2005/03/05 14:15:03
by Thallez

i want to migrate my home-mailserver from FC3 to CentOS 4.0. Is this Possible without any problems?
My biggest ensure ist that cyrus-imap crashes the database?
Has anyone done this migration step without any errors or lost data?


Migration form FC3 to CentOS4

Posted: 2005/03/06 16:14:28
by arrfab
Which format/daemon do you use for your mailboxes in FC3 ? (Mbox, of maildir ?)
Did you already use Cyrus or Dovecot in your FC3 ?
Why not make a test ? I mean, restore your mailbox(es) (and of course your /etc/passwd file ...) on a freshly installed CentOS4 to see if they are 'usable' ...
Anyway, i'm not sure you will be able to simply 'upgrade' your box from FC3 to CentOS 4 ... (i've not tested with the 'upgradeany' at boot time).
i've tested to upgrade a Centos 3.3 to CentOS 4, and i had to specify this option, otherwise Centos 4 setup didn't propose me to upgrade .... :-?

Re: Migration form FC3 to CentOS4

Posted: 2005/03/07 11:40:35
by Thallez
I still use Cyrus with postfix, saslauth and mysql

Next weekend i will test the migration, maybe i have some luck and cyrus will not crash

Re: Migration form FC3 to CentOS4

Posted: 2005/03/07 14:04:21
by Tails
mm, y not backup all the configs and mails to other drives or CDR. and then After u installed CentOS, u can put those condig and mails back...

Re: Migration form FC3 to CentOS4

Posted: 2005/03/22 16:54:13
by jmalcolm
You can indeed migrate from FC3 to CentOS 4. I have done it myself. Using the CD's you would choose "linux upgradeany". I actually used apt-get to do it but I assume that the results should be the same. You will likely have to use apt, yum, or up2date to clean-up the packages a little when you are done. As long as you are using software that is available as an RPM for CentOS 4 I would not expect you to have any problems.

One caveat, make sure that the /etc/fedora-release file and the fedora-release RPM are not on the system when you are done. Yum will not work properly if they are still present and I am sure there are other things that get confused. You need to have the centos-release package which installs the /etc/redhat-release file.

I migrated fine from FC3 to CentOS 4 but on another box that I moved from FC2 to CentOS 4 I did have a problem with the change from MySQL 3.x to 4.x. The fix was a one liner that had something to do with Berkeley databases. Hopefully you have no problems at all. Regardless, it all worked in the end and now I should have no problems as long as I keep the machine up to date with CentOS packages.

Good luck.