Problem with FTP & Web Mail IP address

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Problem with FTP & Web Mail IP address

Post by pritimujumdar » 2017/01/05 06:59:46

I am trying to go to FTP from Webpanel and it is taking me to 192.168.*.***, which is the IP of my server behind router, instead of static IP address> How can I fix this? Currently I am using centos 5.5.

Has anyone faced such issue? IS there any solution that can help me in fixing this thing?

And sorry if I posted this query in a wrong section.

Thank you.

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Re: Problem with FTP & Web Mail IP address

Post by TrevorH » 2017/01/05 13:04:45

We don't support any systems with a panel on them - they change too much and render the resulting system unsupportable here.

You need to be NOT running 5.5 - it came out in 2010 and is now over 6 years out of date. You need to update to 5.11 and get your migration plans in place ASAP as CentOS 5 itself goes EOL in March 2017 and there will be no more security patches for it at all.
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