boot errors after improper restart

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boot errors after improper restart

Post by shepman » 2014/12/17 21:23:20

getting a bunch of errors on boot the it gets a kernel panic and it freezes up

Linux rescue doesn't see the install.

any thoughts?
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Re: boot errors after improper restart

Post by Super Jamie » 2014/12/18 02:53:38

Boot into Rescue Mode, choose not to find the root storage, find your LVM volumes with lvm pvscan, lvm vgscan, vgchange -ay VolGroup00 and fsck the filesystems.

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Re: boot errors after improper restart

Post by TrevorH » 2014/12/18 09:10:41

Also worth running smartctl -a /dev/sdX on the underlying physical device to see if the disk is OK. That doesn't look good and I'm suspecting a hardware error. Read man e2fsck for the various options too but before you do anything, if the data on this drive is valuable then I would obtain a second physical disk that's at least as large as the original and use the 'dd' command to copy from the broken one to the new one. Use the option conv=noerror so that it continues even over I/O errors on the old disk or, better, use dd_rescue which is a different command and specially designed for recovering data from disks with problems.
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