Bugfix does not appear in the upstream provider's code

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Bugfix does not appear in the upstream provider's code

Post by forumitu » 2014/11/04 11:32:35

I have an issue at the CentOS Bug Tracker: http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=4508. It is open since 2010. I uploaded the bugfix as well but the fix does not appear in the upstream provider's code. It is really annoying that new version of mkinitrd comes out regularly I always have to patch it manually to avoid system bootup failure. The new versions of mkinitrd show that there is a code mamagement activity going on.

Both the issue and the fix is trivial. My question is: I am not familiar the way the code management is done. What should I do to get the main branch of the source code patched to avoid regular patching at my site?

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Re: Bugfix does not appear in the upstream provider's code

Post by TrevorH » 2014/11/04 22:35:02

CentOS only repackages what Redhat provide as RHEL 5 (in this case). If it's a CentOS only bug then you can report it on the CentOS bug tracker and expect to get a fix. If the same problem exists in RHEL then CentOS are bug-for-bug compatible with that and have the same bug. To get this fixed you would need to raise a ticket on bugzilla.redhat.com though I suspect that you're probably too late since RHEL5 has now entered "Production phase 3" where it only gets security fixes. Several of my bugzilla entries for similarly trivial-to-fix problems were closed a few months ago when RHEL5 went into this phase of its life. You can always try...
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