While trying to load .so file manually is failing

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While trying to load .so file manually is failing

Post by sharath » 2014/04/18 12:56:53

Hi all,

I am newbie to linux environment. I was trying to run an .so file manually which in turn call a method in bin folder.

Command given,

XXX_MODULES=libxxx.so /opt/servicename/bin/methodname -Le -c /opt/servicename/etc/methodname/methodname.conf -n -C -t -m ""

When i tried to execute the command its giving error as

" Initialization of module 'libxxx.so' failed with error code -1
Loading module libxxx.so failed, Continuing anyway. "

What would be the issue. Kindly help me with this...


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Re: While trying to load .so file manually is failing

Post by TrevorH » 2014/04/18 13:10:32

A .so file is like a Windows dll file so it's a library and not intended to be executed directly.

Obscuring the names of what you're trying to run only serves to make life confusing for anyone trying to help you so posting the actual commands and output that you receive is more likely to obtain help.
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