What desktop manager for a business

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What desktop manager for a business

Post by Romain » 2011/12/18 22:43:49

Hello everyone,

Our small company is looking forward to move to Linux, and our first choice is Centos.
After some testing that we have made, it seems that using VNC Server, with Clients connecting to it, is working great.
However, I need to enforce some users policies, regarding their desktop.
I first tried KDE + Kiosk. It seems to work fine on Centos 5.3 but not on 5.7. Some settings are not being saved, like for example the logout widget.

Here is my question :
Is there any kind of desktop manager that come close to a windows solution in terms of user's policy. Like for example, do not allow the user to add icons, or modify the panel, ect.. ect.. ?
We need to deactivate pretty much anything a user could do except launch an application through an icon, logout, and save/print files.

I could not find any Kiosk forum, and i haven t seen any website showing other than a documentation, on Kiosk. It seems to me that the development has been stopped.
For obvious reasons, we do not wish to start using packages that are not being followed any more.

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What desktop manager for a business

Post by pschaff » 2011/12/22 20:58:57

Welcome to the CentOS fora. Please see the recommended reading for new users linked in my signature.

I don't know a solution to your problem, and judging by the lack of response apparently nobody else has one either. It's not clear why you need to lock your users down that tightly, but the best I can suggest is installing the minimal set of applications you want to allow and keeping good backups. If a user messes up too badly you can always re-initialize the accounts to defaults by deleting and re-creating it, and restoring any required data from backup. Having document files go to shared storage, rather than the user's home directory might help implement this scenario with a minimum of pain.

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