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Build own rpm package

Posted: 2011/10/22 20:42:47
by tovukman
Hi all,

I would like to make RPM package for RHEL 5.3 x64.
There are lot of manuals on Internet which are pretty detailed written.
My requirements are not high, just to put some files and enter some man page(s).
Also, I found some automatized tools (rpm builder and easy rpm builder).

Can you please tell me do you have experience with this and what to recommend to use (maybe in future I would need advanced features) ?

Thanks & best regards,

Build own rpm package

Posted: 2011/10/22 20:45:54
by pschaff
This is the CentOS forum so RHEL questions are really out of bounds. Also 5.3 is a rather ancient and consequently unsupported release, the current CentOS/RHEL-5 version being 5.7. That said, please see the Wiki article [url=]How to Rebuild a Source RPM[/url] which also has links to other resources.