Installing RHEL 5.3 on Hp DL380G6.

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Installing RHEL 5.3 on Hp DL380G6.

Post by poly » 2011/08/31 07:51:43

hello to all,

I recently tried to install RHEL 5.3 on to the server that had previously windows,
upon installing, rebooting my machine it was missing the operating system. Tried to
install again and i got this error (input/output error during read on dev/cciss/c0d0).
I have used two copies of the RHEL 5.3 CD s. and my machines still misses an operating system.
Would anyone be kind enough to give me a solution?

kind regards,

poly (newbie)

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Re: Installing RHEL 5.3 on Hp DL380G6.

Post by TrevorH » 2011/08/31 10:06:38

Why are you using RHEL 5.3 when 5.7 is available? 5.3 is about 2 years old and 5.7 contains numerous bug fixes and improvements.

This is a CentOS forum and the latest CentOS release is 5.6

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Installing RHEL 5.3 on Hp DL380G6.

Post by movieman » 2011/09/14 15:48:38

Do you need to install the RAID drivers from the HP PSP pack? We run CentOS on HP Proliant servers and it generally seems to be fine once it's installed.

I believe we do install those drivers but I don't know whether that's during the OS installation or afterwards.

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