Installing some servers

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Installing some servers

Post by alanbr00 » 2011/08/25 18:14:31

Sorry, i dont know the right section because i have multiple questions, they are:
I will rent a VPS with CentOS 5 i386 and i am planing to start:
GTA San Andreas Multiplayer Server
TeamSpeak 3
Web Radio
and Host to my website and forum.

Now i wanna know if i can do that and how.
Oh, yeah i think i will need some script to start all thoose things in begining in case of a host restart.

I will be gratifull for any help thanks all!

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Installing some servers

Post by gerald_clark » 2011/08/25 18:29:05

Welcome to CentOS.
New users need to read:

You should start with the installation and deployment guides.

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