Noob needs to learn about CentOS

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Noob needs to learn about CentOS

Post by bigburb » 2011/06/18 04:37:51

I started a website last year and used a developer to handle configuring/building all of it. However I want and need to learn how to do this all myself. My hosting service uses CentOS 5.X 64 bit. I want to learn how to use the commands, install features, set up cron jobs, etc in a test environment. I'm thinking about installing it on my personal laptop, and looking for suggestions on where to learn this OS (books, sites, etc). If this is a horrible idea just let me know, I know absolutely nothing about servers, however I work with vb and sql on a daily basis for my job so I'm confident I can pick anything up easily.

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Noob needs to learn about CentOS

Post by gerald_clark » 2011/06/20 14:34:23

Welcome to CentOS.
New users should start here:

The Installation and Deployment guides are good references, as well as the recommended books.

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