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error on bashrc--->OS corrupted

Posted: 2011/05/25 12:56:05
by fgoncalo
So guys, hi again

I guess my CentOS experience is being kind of dramatic.
So, i had to change my bashrc because i had to install some programs in order to finally install "Maker". I had to add the $PATH in the bashrc, so that maker would recognize that those previous programs were installed. And thats when things went really bad. I've must have typed all those new $PATH wrong. That made me loose all the bash comands, even the more simple ones, such us ll etc etc. "bash: "command: Not found"
But it gets worst, i had to reboot the VM...lost all graphics, my OS now is only a clock, mozilla and a command shell. that's all i have.
I was hopping to log as root, find the bashrc folder--right click, edit...whatever. Now it's kind of impossible!!
Obviously i tried (first thing) sudo vi/.../bashrc impossible

Any ideas?? Anyone??


PS:It seems and it was a trully newbie mistake.

error on bashrc--->OS corrupted

Posted: 2011/05/25 13:36:30
by pschaff
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