Configuring Kernel

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Configuring Kernel

Post by saurabhmahajan » 2011/11/14 11:17:08

Hi Friends,

I an new to Linux and has started just two months back on Linux. I am planning to make a good career in Linux kernel development. And for the same I am trying some study materials on a VMware image of CentOS 5.6 on my WinXp system.

I am not able to run the 'Make' command to run the 'make menuconfig' or even the 'make config'
the error I get is as below.

make:***No rule to make target 'config'. Stop.

Thanks and regards,

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Configuring Kernel

Post by toracat » 2011/11/14 16:09:15

I suggest you start by following the instructions on the CentOS wiki article:

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