Serv-U FTP Server Program Clone?

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Serv-U FTP Server Under Cent OS

Post by jlampeATrhino » 2011/12/29 22:55:46

I am happy to confirm that Serv-U is in fact supported on CentOS as of version 11. All interfaces, including the FTP, FTPS, SFTP and web transfer interfaces, are available on Linux.

Installation instructions for Serv-U on Linux can be found here:

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Re: Serv-U FTP Server Under Cent OS

Post by dcpaq2 » 2012/01/03 04:07:13

Unfortunetly the authors trippled their prices on the Serv U program for the fully loaded version, and their Bronze and Silver editions dont offer much for functionality and really isnt worth using. The Gold edition is the only one that lets you do anything worth having the program for and they want $1,200.00 for that edition. Back when Serv U was still fairly new you got all the bells and whistles in their Enterprise Edition for about $350.00 (I own a copy) which was well worth the money spent. Over all Serv U is an excellent program but now just too expensive for me to justify the expense since they increased the prices.


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