Advice on configuring network for vmware server

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Advice on configuring network for vmware server

Post by chaos0815 » 2008/04/02 14:35:40

hi all,

first, I'm pretty new to linux, but CentOS and specially this site made it much easier. Allthough I couldn't find anything concerning the following:

I set up a lean CentOS 5 machine as a vmware server host. this machine has 2 NICs: one for internal network and one for the internet (static IP).

I would like to run a virtual machine as a webserver serving pages to the internet as well as having access to it via the internal network. At the same time I want the host server only be internally accessable.

How can I make the 'externel' NIC accessable to the vm and 'invisible' to the host?

Any clues to get me on track?



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Advice on configuring network for vmware server

Post by cormander » 2008/04/18 06:31:01

This greatly depends on your physical network layout. Are both cards assigned an internal IP, and are you mapping an external IP to one of them? Or are you actually assigning one card an external IP, and the other an internal IP?

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