GUI Remote Administration

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GUI Remote Administration

Post by drpeck » 2007/06/27 10:05:12

I'm a Linux Uber-Noob, and have landed myself in a role where I am responsible for administration of a remote Centos 5 machine :-o. I'm figuring I stand a much better chance of success with a GUI than simple command line stuff through SSH. Is there a Linux version of Window's Remote Desktop?


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Re: GUI Remote Administration

Post by gerald_clark » 2007/06/27 13:01:13

Use ssh -X.
This will run the remote GUI application on your local X window.

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GUI Remote Administration

Post by arrfab » 2007/06/30 19:48:17

Because you're now a professional linux sysadmin, it's time for you to read official doc .. it never hurts :-D
full doco :
BTW : if you *really* need X (but i wonder why on a server ...), try nx/freenx ... see to know how to install/use it

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