Congratulations on CentOS 5

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Congratulations on CentOS 5

Post by merlot » 2007/04/13 01:43:35

First big congrats for producing CentOS5, I'm sure it will be a success.

I'd like to ask which flavor of RHEL does this build most closely match?


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Congratulations on CentOS 5

Post by arrfab » 2007/04/13 07:54:28

All ! everything is included, as stated in the release notes :

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Re: Congratulations on CentOS 5

Post by duardito » 2007/04/19 10:16:36

congratulations to centos, this is the best distro I have ever tested (SLED,mandriva,suse, opensuse,debian,ubuntu..), fast , stable and it has all that I want.

only thing I don't like is when I have to connect with my network card because my intel pro3945 isn't recognised in first installation and I have to download dkms modules from fedora to get it works.

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Re: Congratulations on CentOS 5

Post by PJFB » 2007/05/20 19:52:50

Thank you for the distribution, a project to be supported !

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