Oracle Failover with Cluster Suite

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Oracle Failover with Cluster Suite

Post by blankdvd » 2010/03/11 19:07:33

Hello All,

I am trying to get RHCS running on CentOS 5.4 on x64. I can easily configure it to failover a single instance or oracle with a single SID to another host in the cluster. However, I have 4 SIDs that I would like to failover. It appears that the basic script is not designed to handle more than 1 SID. Does anyone have a cookbook for failing over more than 1 SID. I know that I can do this using spearate resources for each SDI, but I would like to have everything running on one machine at a time. If 1 fails, they should all move. I would prefer to use FGS with 1 iSCSI lun coming from and MSA for all databases. In my ServiceGuard days, I would simply create a "service" for each oracle DB in the package being monitored. However, it apprears that the scripts RHEL/Centos provide are not a friendly for this. I hacked around the to remove the listener check on subsequent SID startup, so it would die there. I know the MC/SG script would have the connect internal/startup in each service script. I was wondering if I should replicate this on the RHCS side?

I know people are using RHCS to mimic a RAC configuration, and I'd be very interested in seeing any docs on this.

Any help is appreciated, I just can't find any info on failing multiple oracle instances over?

Cheers, and TIA


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