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centos and oracle

Posted: 2010/02/24 16:40:19
by jmaycas
Hello! I've got a Centos server running fine, and I would like to install Oracle. I don't know if I could install Ora11g or any other version on my Centos. What can I check what version of Centos have I installed?


Re: centos and oracle

Posted: 2010/02/24 16:47:13
by pschaff
Current version:
# rpm -q centos-release
# cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS release 5.4 (Final)

I don't use Oracle, but recall that you may have to play some games to fool the installer into thinking you have RHEL by temporarily altering the contents of /etc/redhat-release or "fooling" rpm. [url=]This site[/url] has instructions, but can't vouch for them. A forum search on "11g install" is also worthwhile. Among other hits see [url=]this thread[/url].

centos and oracle

Posted: 2010/02/25 06:44:43
by yyagol
True , there is no problems install 11g or 10g under CentOS
the problems begin when you ask for support from Oracle , and they
tell you that CentOS is not on the list of supported OS , and if it comes to a point
where they think that the problem is related to the OS they will simply not help you .