DHCP Warning in Oracle10g Installation

Installation and support for Oracle DB on CentOS.
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Re: DHCP Warning in Oracle10g Installation

Post by KermitDaFragger » 2009/12/10 22:52:56

I doubt localhost is going to work for Oracle.

The dummy interface should work, you can even route to it from other interfaces. There is some info on it here: http://www.centos.org/docs/5/html/Virtualization-en-US/ch-virt-laptop-configurations.html . Obviously you only need the part about the dummy interface, you can ignore the part about virtualization.

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Re: DHCP Warning in Oracle10g Installation

Post by jacklocke » 2009/12/11 19:16:39

Thanks for the link Kermit ...

I am gonna look at it this weekend ...

and will surely update here my findings

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Re: DHCP Warning in Oracle10g Installation

Post by bgusenet » 2010/01/11 15:21:04

Hope it's not too late ...

I have used the following process to install an Oracle Application server on a box which had not its real name and IP, it will perhaps work with a DB install

export an environment variable called ORACLE_HOSTNAME before to run setup :
export ORACLE_HOSTNAME=ORACLEBOX or what you want as a name for your computer.

In your host file add a new row with


Then run your setup from CLI with this parameter :


This ensures that The OUI will use the name given as its hostname, then as this host is defined on your loopback in the /etc/host file it could work.

You will have to check if these parameters exist with a DB setup ...

Best regards,


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