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using RAC under Red Hat GFS

Posted: 2008/12/08 16:53:33
by yyagol
I have two identical servers , one is installed and running Oracle 11g
and uses local HD as storage device . the other one i want to create RAC (buy license and all)
as storage i wand to create SAN storage using GFS with both servers , as nodes ,
so at the end i will have to Oracle servers running as cluster using SAN storage device installed on the same servers .
has anyone got any experience with production running with this configuration ?
can i trust the RH cluster suit , to handle all transactions coming from Oracle active-active RAC (i have jms writing 5000 messages per ms)?


Re: using RAC under Red Hat GFS

Posted: 2008/12/14 07:20:46
by yyagol
After consulting with Oracle , we decided to drop this kind of configuration
and to buy a [url=]SAN[/url] storage device that is stable for production . the main reason
is that Oracle doesn't have experience with GFS as production , and we don't want to take risks.