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Posted: 2008/11/10 12:54:34
by saman_artorious
i have one linux partition which i store my related files and documents in.
i read that for oracle installation i need to have three disk partitions
one for my doucments that same as i have at the current
second for oracle installation
and third for keeping track of db files

is it necessary to create the other two partitions as well or i can normally run everything with the partitions i have ?

update: i note that my primary hdd has been dedicated to windows /dev/sda1


Posted: 2008/11/19 06:44:20
by yyagol
Hi saman_artorious ,

It is not mandatory to have a full partition for oracle but it is
recommended to do so , it is also recommend to build a RAID in case of disk
failure and to install oracle on that RAID partition ( note that oracle database does not know of partitions
it only know of the directory it is on ) . if this database is for testing only , you can
install Oracle on a 1 partition system as well .